Mars C64 NEW GAME 2020

  • Sputnik Worlds presents new C64 Game in 2020 and it is a Space Simulation. You are on the Mission to Mars and have to make the right decisions in the right time else the mission fails. So it is no "normal" Action Game more a Think/Simulation but you are always under time pressure.
    The best way is to write the Names of you crew and there abilities down on a paper, so you are faster to find the right person for the right situation.
    The Sound is really great for the Game, you feel always pressure to take action. The graphics are fitting and the little command screen on the upper left make you feel, like you are really in a spaceship and in command.
    The bad side if this game have a massive replay fun after you once finish it ? but hey if you are into simulation you don´t come around this game so or so.
    Well another great game in 2020 after The Shadows over Hawksmill well what can i say... it is getting better and better ! It would be a real wish if this company make a remake of a real space simulation like Supremacy with real strategic elements.. that would be really a next level hit :)
    If you want more C64 games and support this little firms BUY IT
    maybe you habe to rename the d64 to mars_AD.d64 on the c64 maxi to load it with accurate disk drive emulation or it was just at me doing some problems.

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