L abbaye des morts NEW C64 GAME ( C64 Maxi )

  • abbaye des morts auf dem c64 maxi great new game for your puter ! lets play l'abbay des morts jump´n´run vom feinsten great jump&run game for c64 makes much fun, great gfx and sound.
    You are a Monk and get into the abay of death, a great jump´n´run with a very great idea and graphics and sound. you have to collect crosses and read notes to find solutions and open new ways. easy to understand, hard to master :) but the reaction feels great and correct i got no input lags on the c64 maxi. Every Screen give you a new strange that you not think about before like suddenly a DRAGON appears.... wtf a dragon ! but all this moments make this game even more great and i just have mood to play it again and again to find new ways or secrets.
    all in all i just hope for more of this games it is really a shining game for all c64 users that still love the c64 or new c64 maxi users that want a modern game but in old flair. I think both users will get very happy with the abay of the death !
    Buy this NEW C64 Game online at : www.psytronik.net/newsite/index.php/c64/105-abbaye

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