Argus ( Dungeon Crawler ) C64 Maxi

  • 3D Dungeon Crawler for c64 on the c64 maxi. Argus a really great looking and playing game but i just hate this labyrinths :) if you like such games you will love it.
    when you buy this you get a map that helps you find your way a little better, well it is exploring finding secrets, using objects and it a have a really great modern graphics.
    people that are waiting of this kind of games will be very happy and spend many hours into the dungeons and woods of argus. so do not lose the faith and use the save option in your c64 maxi :)
    postive : great graphics, nice sound, gameplay for people who like dungeon explorer/crawler very great.
    egativ : people who do not like crawler, mapping will get fast angry :D
    anyway support the people who made the game for new games. you can buy this game at for little money and it will help to bring new games for the c64. so really spend some coins to get a great piece of software

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