The Age of Heroes C64 ( c64 maxi )

  • the age of heroes on the c64 maxi gameplay.. a very sweet and great barbarian game, a new game for the c64. i really love it and hope more such games will come this year ! maybe a second part ??? would be great.
    Fire Sword and Steel "wahhhhh" The time of heroes and quests to protect the world. You need it and you will get it right into your mancave. What do we have hear a great story already by now.. whatever... kill, destroy, save the world ! Wunderbar graphics and smooth scrolling a very nice pumping sound and many little details like little skulls on pikes that let your inner 13 year old fantasy fly over the clouds. So its time, your time ! Get the game and fÜÜÜÜing save the f***ing world ! *wahhhhhh*
    positiv : reaction is good, sound very nice and gfx are great with many details.
    egativ : the game is to short :(
    you can buy this game at for the c64, mini c64 or real c64 hardware. DONT FORGET THE POSTER ! EVERY MANCAVE MUST HAVE :)

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