Sam Journey C64 Game ( C64 Maxi )

  • A New C64 Game Sams Journey ! Jump n Run like modern Retro Games on Original Hardware or The C64 Maxi. Capture on the c64 maxi it is a greaaaat game really we love it and please buy and support for newer c64 games.
    webpage :
    protovision we love you ! What do you give us here ? after Great Giana Sis and the second part Hard´n´heavy... the holy grail of all c64 jump´n ´runs. damn you... i need to play it again and again and again....
    but anyway it feels great and movement is correct (i just hate this mario paddling after you move in one direction) but well mario have it too so nothing wrong with it.
    jump n run like super mario 3 for c64 great reaktion of the stick, super sweet grafik and nice tune, what else you could want ??? we just love it and hope for more content on our loved c64 commodore4ever

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