Everquest 2 leveling Warlock 24-25

  • Everquest the game that starts it all in 2000, the genre "mmorpg" get a new definition in real 3D. Everquest 2 was the successor in 2004, till today it is playable online after SONY now the company Daybreaker buy the franchiase.
    Everquest 2 is for free to play but some options ingame require a membership. If you dont need it and do not care about the extras you have a pure retro feeling in the world of MMO and RPG.
    Quest yourself into the world of Everquest2 but beware you will need some time, till today there are 15 Addons and for new player it a massiv conent to learn. But once your are in the game it opens a wonderful world for you.
    Everquest2 is more a laid back gaming as a action rpg like rift or wow. You should bring your time and maybe you will find some people only to play with or that help you, like me i found like in some hours some dudes that explain me where to go and level and give me some money for some gear.
    Everquest is a PVE Game for PVP is suggest the Warhammer online emulated server.
    i highly recommend : Darq UI with Maps Addon www.eq2interface.com/portal.php?uid=80674
    * The game runs over Wine on MacOS very fine.
    * German people please "/join valor" chat ;)
    anything i forgot ? please feel free to coment !

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