Shroud of the Avatar ( free2play ) mac win linux

  • Shroud of the Avatar is a mmorpg by non other as the ultima "lord british" himself Richard Garriott. It is free with ingame pruchases of housing and other items, but if you dont care about it... the graphics and sound is fantastic but the game itself feels a little clunky.
    the game itself is more rpg then action, so you have to explore the world "oldschool" like and find clues to finish your quests. There is more effort on the storytelling with letters and notes, so if you invest time and be relaxed enough to get slowly forward. You should give it a try ! its free so whats wrong with it. If you need a fast, action, powerleveling mmorpg better stay away.
    The game feels like early access or beta sometimes there are funny situations that should not be.. becouse of clunky enemys that do not react or overreact so you should oversee that :)
    download : mac/windows/linux

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