EverQuest II in 2020 free2play

  • EverQuest 2 is like a good old wine, you should drink it slowly and enjoy the taste of it. If you search a fast action rpg you are wrong with this one ! It is more like a layback mmorpg that have a very very big world with many places and secrets to explore.
    MacOS client over Wine ! The Game is Free2Play but allows to pay monthly for more features.
    there is still a community (very small) but it is still playable and i get friendly answers of my questions. As a new player you should be more "here i am, help me please" or nobody will care about you. The German channel is /valor with short but good answers of your questions.
    The Sound is great, i personaly love the Everquest 2 Soundtrack and the Audio SFX is very nice and sweet. The Graphics are oldschool but after some time you get very used to it (be sure to select the right resolution for your monitor!).
    Another must have for newbies are the addons for a map and ui so download www.eq2interface.com/downloads/info4997-DarqUIUnified.html as it brings all in one ingame use the /loadui command.
    German Text/Audio is no longer a option it is all english.

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