1 Hour Metal Music at Fatal Labyrinth

  • Welcome to the Fatal Metal Labyrinth HAR HAR HAR ! Lets Play Sega Mega Drive / Genesis with one Hour of Metal Sound. Like the time were for children of the 80-90 ... Dungeon Crawler Pixel Retro Videogames with Potato Chips and hard heavy metal songs.
    At End i show just short the Endboss at Level 30 but i didn't kill him and then i had no fun anymore (The game have no save or password system) !!!! So have fun listing to metal and retro gameplay :D
    Captured on Sega Mega Drive II with Elgato Game Capture HD on a Apple MacBook 2,26Ghz
    Non Copyright Musik used :
    0:00 Ravenface - Be Silent (Non Copyrighted Rock)
    4:02 Onlap - The Awakening (Non Copyrighted Rock)
    7:58 Versus Angels - Just Alright (Non Copyrighted Rock)
    11:10 Cold Driven - The Wicked Side Of Me (Non Copyrighted Rock)
    14:55 Discrepancies - Art of War (Non-copyrighted Rock)
    18:25 Ghosts Of August - Run + Hide (Non Copyrighted Rock)
    21:31 Shallow Side - Into The Deep (Non Copyrighted Rock)
    24:43 Fivefold - All Of Me (Non-Copyrighted Rock)
    27:44 Cold Kingdom - M (Non-Copyrighted Rock Music)
    31:10 Echoes The Fall - Black And White [HD]
    34:59 Royalty Free Metal - Spartacus!!!
    37:05 The Fallen State - You Want It (Non Copyrighted Rock)
    40:22 One Day Waiting - Deadly Voices (Non Copyrighted Rock)
    44:15 AKnewGod - Indifferent [Heavy Metal] royalty free music
    47:58 Broken Season - Opió (Non Copyrighted Rock)
    52:58 The Potenzas - Dirty Dish (Non Copyrighted Rock)

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