Mass Destruction ( Sega Saturn )

  • Have you ever thought of a GTA3 with a tank, enough ammo and a mission to destroy everything ? Welcome to Mass Destruction on the Sega Saturn.
    Well nothing more to say... a easy control and different locations make this game enjoyable. Search and Destroy with different pickups of different Ammo type and Health plus Missions like "get the agent", "stop the convoy". Well at end it have nothing more also so if you need a easy, mindless shooter game with a clear and fast mission you are welcome. If you need a difficult and strategic game that need all your brain in control, well search something else.
    Anyway another fine and fast 3D title for the Sega Saturn.
    Mass Destruction is a 1997 third-person action game developed by NMS Software Ltd. and published by ASC Games and BMG Interactive.

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