Lode Runner JPN ( Sega Saturn )

  • Lode runner was one of my favorite strategy games on the Commodore64 and longtime after it, i still remember the title Lode runner ! So i was surprised that there is a Sega Saturn version of Lode runner, the improvements of the graphics and sound made me crazy.
    It is a really nice and modern version of lode runner, the mission is to collect all the treasures on the map but aware of the wild monkeys that kill you on contact. You can dig a trap that will stop or kill the monkeys (depend how long they are trapped) after you collect all treasure the exit will open and you have to reach it. all sound very easy but it will make you crazy ! on the Saturn version there is no password or save system, so if you lose the last live you have to go all from the start. arggrgrsgagargag :)
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